Sports Metric of the Week: NFL Extra Point No Longer a ‘Gimme’

This past offseason the NFL implemented a rule change that required extra points following touchdowns to be snapped from the 15-yard line rather than the 2-yard line.

Over time, NFL kickers became so accurate that an extra point was considered a ‘gimme’ – with kickers converting over 99% of the time.

This new modification has made the historically dull extra point attempt into a play that can alter the landscape of a game.

In the entire 2014 NFL season, NFL kickers missed a total of eight extra points. This year, kickers have missed 31 through only nine weeks, and are on pace to miss a total of 55 total for the year.

This represents approximately 7x more misses than the previous year. As a result, kicker’s impact on NFL games has significantly increased.


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