Metric of the Week: Revenue from Advertising

What is the Metric?

Total revenue derived from online advertising campaigns.

Why Should You Care?

Advertising is only as effective as the sales it produces. Tracking ad revenue allows you to evaluate how productive your advertising is at generating quality leads to your website.

Here you are assessing the revenue generated from your advertising dollars and comparing it to last month and last year.

revenue_from_advertising-20160815How Can You Positively Effect This Metric?

Generating increased amounts of revenue from advertising can seem like a daunting task if you believe your ads are already the best they can be. The trick is to always be improving, and continually¬†trying to make sure your ads are the best suited for the¬†particular audience to which you’re trying to appeal. This generally improves through trial and error.

Try things like changing up ad placements or locations; these can help make the ad easier to view and more likely to be clicked. As well, making sure the ad is as relevant as it can be taking into consideration those viewing it and the thoughts going through their head as they view the ad. Try to ensure them that they will gain something if they click on your ad.

Lastly you want to do your research. See what has worked for you and others in the past and learn from that information. Then, improve on those past ads and ideas keeping in mind what has and hasn’t worked, and continue to evolve based on results.

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