Case Studies: 7 Companies Whose Dashboards
Allowed them to Crush the Competition

Over the past years, we’ve worked with some great clients.

And with the help of our dashboard, these clients have been able to dramatically increase both their sales and profits.

Below are several specific examples of how the Guiding Metrics dashboard is helping our clients grow and dominate their competition.

Email Sales Skyrocketed 53%!

The “Individual Email Results” dashboard chart allowed one client, an Information Marketing Company, to grow email sales by 53%.


Here’s how: the “Individual Email Results” chart automatically pulls the results of every email you send into sortable columns. From this, you can figure out your “email formula,” that is, the elements of an email that yield the precise results you want.

This client used the chart to identify and then review:
– the 5 emails that had the most opens
– the 5 emails that had the most clicks
– the 5 emails that generated the most sales, and
– the 5 emails that had the highest unsubscribe rates

This quick analysis allowed them to know what types of emails to send, and what not to send.

Armed with this intelligence, the client was able to grow email sales by 53% within 3 months.

Website Leads Grew 913%!

Your Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing just one page. Virtually no one watches this metric on an ongoing basis, since doing so takes a lot of time and energy.


With the Guiding Metrics “Bounce Rate” chart, our clients automatically see this metric.

One client, a Financial Services Company, noticed that on a weekly basis, their bounce rate was continuing to rise per the above chart.

Using our dashboard, we identified the pages that were bouncing visitors, and suggested the client improve those pages by adding more calls to action [e.g., sign up for free consultation forms] on them.

The result: within 30 days of identifying the problem and making the changes, monthly leads generated from their website grew 913%.

Phenomenally Profitable Advertising!


This client, a Business Services company, was spending lots of money on Google AdWords. The Guiding Metrics dashboard finally showed them which ad campaigns were consistently bringing in leads and customers at a low versus high cost.

They were able to now spend more on their winning ad campaigns, and stop their poor performing ones.

The result: profits from AdWords increased 2400% within just 3 months.

Decreased Refunds & Improved Profits!

This client, an E-commerce Company, reduced refunds by 25% by boosting the productivity of their Customer Service Manager via their Guiding Metrics dashboard.


Previously, their Customer Service Manager had no metrics goals. By telling the manager her goal was to reduce refunds, and showing her results in real-time in their dashboard, the employee became highly motivated.

She devised new ways to reduce refunds, and in the first month saved the company over $10,000 in refunds.

Facebook Insights & 37% Revenue Growth!


This client, a Consumer Products Manufacturer and Retailer, has a solid Facebook following and posts regularly. Many of their posts result in sales and additional followers.

However, the company had no idea that certain posts were causing followers to ‘unlike’ their page, thus costing it future sales. With the Guiding Metrics dashboard, the company was automatically able to see which posts and days resulted in new likes and which resulted in ‘unlikes’.

Then, by reviewing these posts and thus understanding what caused ‘likes’ versus ‘unlikes’ for their followers, they modified future posts.

They thus generated tons of new likes, very few ‘unlikes’, and were able to dramatically grow their Facebook following and revenues.

Uncovering Problem & Little Tweak Yields Huge Sales & Profit Boost

This client, a Consumer Services Company, was getting tons of new leads. As a result, their Marketing team was thrilled and thought they were doing a great job. But sales weren’t increasing and their CEO was threatening to cut their advertising budget.


Fortunately the Guiding Metrics dashboard identified and help the marketing team fix the problem. The dashboard showed that their Lead Conversion Rate (the Number of Sales divided by Number of Leads) was decreasing month-over-month.

The Marketing Team initiated an “indoctrination program,” in the form of a series of videos to educate new leads.

Immediately, the lead-to-sale conversion rate increased. Sales and profits soared, and they were able to expand their marketing further.

Sales Team Performance Up 71%

This client, a Manufacturer, used the Guiding Metrics “Sales Summary” chart to quickly see the performance of each of their sales reps.


The chart not only showed who the top overall performers were, but it showed which sales person was best in each of the two key sales processes: 1) generating leads and 2) closing proposals.

Armed with this knowledge, the company had the top lead generator teach the team how he’s so effective at this task. They also had the top proposal-closer teach the team how she effectively closes.

The result: all the salespeople improved in these two critical areas, and sales increased 71% within 2 months.

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