Sports Metric of the Week: What Impact Does the MLB All-Star Game Really Have?

On Sunday, July 10th, Petco Park will be home to the start of Major League Baseball’s All-Star weekend. This weekend includes the Home Run Derby on July 11th and culminates with the All-Star Game on the 12th.

The managers this year consist of Ned Yost, The Royals skipper managing the AL, and the Mets coach Terry Collins running the NL.

Since 2003 this “Midsummer Classic” has been more than just a friendly match between divisional sides. This game determines what side will have home-field advantage during the World Series, which has drawn tons of controversy since its implementation.

In this week’s “Sports Metric of the Week” we’ll look at which division has won the All-Star game and then which division has gone on to win the World Series to see if there is any correlation with gaining that home-field advantage.


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