Sports Metric of the Week: Red Sox Dominance in 2016 Season

After quite the abysmal season in 2015, the Boston Red Sox are off to a terrific start thus far in 2016. Through the first 44 games, they lead in a multitude of offensive categories, including runs, hits, doubles, RBI’s and team batting average.

Currently sitting at 27-17, the Sox have seen players both young and old step up and contribute to this dominant offense. 3 of the top 5 players in the American League with the highest batting average are Red Sox, including the 23-year-old Xander Bogaerts and the 40-year-old David Ortiz. All 3 also make the top 10 throughout the entire league.

It seems that whatever category you take a look at, whether it be hits, doubles, triples, or RBI’s, there’s always a Boston member in the top 5. The only question is: can they keep it up?

sports metric - 5-27-16

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