Metric of the Week: Visitors by Country

What Is This Metric?

As the name indicates, this metric shows from which countries your website visitors are coming.

Why Should I Care?

This information may provide insight into other KPIs. For example, if your Revenue per Visitor KPI decreases, it might be due to getting more traffic from visitors in foreign countries that you don’t support.

If these visitors were from errant advertising, then you could fix it. If the visitors were from organic placement in foreign search engines, you would simply note this information, or possibly create a new offering for that region.

What Does It Look Like?


How Can You Positively Effect This Metric?

Effecting this metric positively is due in large part to knowing the geographical areas to which you’re marketing. For instance, if you wanted web traffic to increase from Asia, you wouldn’t show them ads in English that only include references pertaining to American Culture.

This also ties into making sure your website/ads are optimized for other geographical markets if increasing traffic in a particular area is your objective.

In short, you want to make every experience with your company or website the same regardless of where in the world they’re logging in from.


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