Sports Metric of the Week: Wins per Season

The Rivalry.

Over the years the years there’s always one thing that stays consistent in the MLB; the rivalry between the New York Yankees and The Boston Red Sox.

Games between The Red Sox and Yankees never seem to lack a layer of underlying intensity, regardless how either team is performing during any particular season.

2016 thus far has been fairly unkind to the Bronx Bombers, currently sitting second-to-last in the AL East above the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at 34-36.

During the last five years the Yankees have played well, but nowhere near their 2009 World Series winning form. On the other hand, Boston has had a roller coaster of a last half decade, with 2014 and 2015 being excruciatingly poor. In 2014 the Sox finished 25 Games back by the end of the season, something they are trying not to replicate in 2016.

After a loss last night to the White Sox, the Red Sox record holds strong at 39-32. The question posed by many is can they continue this trajectory post All Star Game into the Fall months.

Our Sports Metric this week is taking a look at the aforementioned wins per season by each team throughout the past 10 years, seeing just how they stack up in comparison.

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