Metric of the Week: Exit Rates

What Is This Metric?

The exit rate on a particular page of your website is the percentage of visitors that leave your website after viewing that page.

Bounce rate is when the visitor comes in and then leaves on one specific page; in “exit rate” the page in which they left may or may not have been the first page they visited. In either case, a high exit rate on some pages represents a big opportunity for improvement.

Why Should I Care?

It means visitors are leaving your site, which in most cases means they won’t be buying from you.

What Does It Looks Like?



How Can You Positively Effect This Metric?

Lowering exit rates on a particular page of your website can be done through a few precautionary and proactive measures. First, make sure each page is optimized for every browser and viewing device(Desktop, Mobile, Tablet etc.). If a user reaches a page that doesn’t show correctly or isn’t optimized this may increase the likelihood that they will exit that page.

Next you want to make sure that you give the viewer the opportunity to extend their visit on each page. This means you want to show other similar content links on each page that the viewer would feel inclined to click on next.

Finally, this goes hand in hand with the previous two points, you want each page’s content to be engaging and aesthetically pleasing on its own. If a user clicks on say your “blog”, and that blog is formatted poorly and the contents are severely lacking, they might not want to continue their stay.

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