Guiding Metrics Pricing

The Guiding Metrics team fully builds and maintains your dashboard, so you can focus on seeing your metrics and improving your results.

Our pricing includes a one-time setup fee for us to full build and customize your dashboard to your needs.

We also have a monthly hosting and maintenance fee to ensure your data is accurately populating in your dashboard 24/7.

Pricing for both the set-up and monthly fees depends on the number and type of systems you are using and the depth of the metrics reporting you need from each.

That being said, we have some clients paying as little as $1,000 to develop and $199/month to host/maintain a dashboard that manages their website analytics and social media, to others that pay $20K+ to develop and $2K/month to host/maintain a dashboard that integrates 25 systems and assesses every area of a larger enterprise. And we have everything in between.

If you click here and schedule a time to speak with us, we will give you a demo of our dashboard, discuss your systems and the metrics you’d like to see, and prepare pricing information for your review.