Sports Metric of the Week: UEFA European Championship Goal Average

For the 3rd time in UEFA European League series history France gets the opportunity to host the Championship series. Similar to the World Cup, this tournament takes place every fourth year, last taking place in 2012 when Spain was victorious over Italy 4-0.

Last Friday marked the beginning of the 2016 UEFA installment; this with a match between the host country France, and Romania. Ultimately France was victorious 2-1.

Thus far we’ve seen some quite spectacular goals, whether it be Luka Modric’s brilliant volley for Croatia, or Gareth Bale’s free kick for Wales, there’s been no shortage.

Keeping with the theme of goals, this week’s sports metric is top goal average throughout the history of UEFA Euro Championships. This metric compares how many goals each player scored with their total matches played.

Taking the top slot is the Frenchman Michel Platini with 9 goals scored through 5 matches played, resulting in a staggering total goal average of 1.80.


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