Bounce Rate: Metric of the Week

Welcome to the Metric of the Week. This week we’ll be discussing your ‘Website Bounce Rate.’

What is the metric?

Your Bounce Rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website after viewing just one page.

Why should you care?

When your Bounce Rate is high, it generally means that your website did not engage your visitors, and thus too few of your visitors are becoming leads and/or clients.

A high Bounce Rate may also decrease your search engine results rankings as it is an indicator to the search engines that your website isn’t satisfying the needs of your visitors.

Bounce Rates vary dramatically by industry and type of website; what’s concerning to any website is when its bounce rate increases over time.

What does it look like?

The chart below shows one website’s bounce rate by week. In this scenario, it would be highly concerning that recently the bounce rate has continually been rising.


How can you positively affect this metric?

Improving your bounce rate is relatively easy. Adding compelling links (particularly if you include compelling images that visitors can click) will get visitors to click around your website and stay.

Likewise, by adding compelling calls to action [e.g., forms to sign up for a free consultation, report or demo], visitors are less likely to bounce, and more likely to become leads and/or customers.

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