Sports Metric of the Week: UEFA Euro Performance vs. Nations League Average Salary

This past Monday was quite a historic day in terms of soccer upsets on a national stage. A team with a country population of just over 320,000, one who has never won, let alone qualified for a true international competition accomplished the unthinkable.

Iceland was able to defeat England, a team consisting of a majority of English Premier League players, in quite exciting fashion 2-1.

The Premier League, as of 2015, had an average player salary of $3,554,666. This calculates to average earnings of around $68,373 week per player.

If we are to stack up total worth of each team, basing this value on club team salaries, you’re looking at around $173 million for England compared to the minuscule $21 million for Iceland.

So in honor of England’s latest less than stellar showing at the UEFA Euro’s, let’s take a look at the five highest average paying leagues throughout the soccer world and see if their national team is still Euro Championship contenders as of today.

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