Sports Metric of the Week: Cubs Pitching Continues to Dominate

As the Chicago Cubs continue to steamroll the 2016 season, currently 14 games up on the second place St. Louis Cardinals in their division, there’s one proponent that stands out for them; pitching.

Out of the top 10 pitchers based on ERA in the MLB, 3 of them are Cubs. Kyle Hendricks, Jake Arrieta, and Jon Lester all sit below the 3.00 mark, with Jason Hammel just outsideĀ at 17th place with a 3.07 ERA.

These statistics are phenomenal, as some teams don’t have a single pitcher under the 3.00 ERA mark, yet the Cubs somehow have three and almost a fourth.

Kyle Hendricks in particular is having a career season, currently sitting at a 12-7 record, 135 strikeouts, and a stellar 2.19 ERA(the best in the MLB).

This weeks sports metric takes a look at the Cubs starters and how they stack up against the best pitchers in the MLB.


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