Metric of the Week: Facebook Fan Engagement

What is the Metric?

Fan engagement is the measure of how many fans are interacting with posts by liking, sharing, clicking, commenting or mentioning your page.

Why Should You Care?

The more engaged your fans are, the more likely they are to engage other users, and bring the posts to the attention of their friends.

For example, the following “gauge” KPI chart shows a company with 5,123 Facebook fans. The company set a goal of 15% fan engagement, which would mean that 768 of its 5,123 fans are ideally engaging with their content (the gauge is green since 1,347 fans are engaged).



What Can You Do To Positively Effect This Metric?

Fan engagement on social media platforms such as Facebook is extremely important when it comes to overall success of harnessing these platforms for marketing purposes. For instance your page may have tens of thousands of likes but if there’s no engagement on your posts then that kind of defeats the purpose of having the platform in the first place.

Ultimately engagement comes down to people feeling like they gain something from partaking in your posts, whether it be a rebate for sharing a post or just getting a sense of community for commenting; otherwise known as incentive.

Another way of growing engagement  is to have a strong presence on social media, answering peoples questions or comments is an easy way to show that presence. This goes hand in hand with frequency of posting, as you want to post often enough so that people don’t forget about your product/services.


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