Metric of the Week: Email Unsubscribes

What Is This Metric?

The email unsubscribes metric measures the amount of people opting out of your emails.

Why Should I Care?

This metric measures whether the emails your are sending out are having an opposite as intended result. If you notice a spike in unsubscribes, you should take immediate action into looking at why the content of your emails is having such a negative effect.

What Does It Look Like?


What Can I Do To Improve This Metric?

Unsubscribes often times cannot be completely averted, but they can be can be repressed. Improving this metric has to do with finding the sweet spot between quality of content and the frequency at which the email subscriber is receiving your emails.

If the recipient is getting too many emails, they’re likely to unsubscribe, on the other hand if they’re not receiving¬† enough they may forget about the company or service. It’s a double edged sword that can be fine tuned only from testing, re-testing, and then improving on those results.



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