Sports Metric of the Week: The Historically Bad Philadelphia 76ers

The 2015-2016 NBA regular season has featured both the best and worst regular season starts in league history.

While the Golden State Warriors have dominated en route to a 26-1 start, the mightily struggling Philadelphia 76ers have won just one game in their first 29 contests.

On pace to finish the season 3-79, this year’s 76er team is trending towards being the worst team in NBA history.

Through 29 games, their win percentage (3.4%) is the lowest of all time and their projected 3 wins (3.8% win pct.) during the entire season would set an NBA record for worst record, breaking the mark previously set by the 1972-1973 76ers team that went 9-73 (11.0% win pct.).

A look below at historically awful NBA teams throughout the history of the league:


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