11 Metrics that Really Matter

In this post, I’m going to present 11 metrics that matter in different markets.

“Big Picture” Metrics versus “Underlying” Metrics

Each of these metrics are what I call “big picture” metrics rather than “underlying” metrics.

These big picture metrics are what ultimately judge performance from an outside perspective. But it’s the underlying metrics that truly impact success.

Let me explain. A basketball team’s win-loss record is a big picture metric. It’s a key indicator of the team’s success (or lack thereof). Importantly, this big picture metric is hugely impacted by underlying metrics such as how many hours per week the team practices.

When choosing metrics for your organization to track, you must include BOTH big picture and underlying metrics. The big picture metrics ensure overall success and that everyone is aligned around the primary goals of the organization. The underlying metrics ensure that each individual or department stays focused, and accomplishes what’s needed to support the ultimate success of the organization.

11 Key Metrics

Below are some of the most important “big picture” metrics for a diverse range of organizations and occupations:

Sector: For-Profit Business
  • Top Metrics: Sales, Net Profits
Sector: Non-Profit Organization
  • Top Metrics: Dollars Raised, People Served/Positively Impacted
Sector: Government
  • Top Metrics: Taxes Collected, Amount of Surplus/Deficit
Sector: Sports Teams
  • Top Metrics: Win-Loss Record, Championships Won
Sector: Athletes
  • Top Metrics: “Points” Scored (batting average, RBIs, baskets, assists touchdowns, sacks, etc.)
Sector: Musicians
  • Top Metrics: Albums/Singles sold, Concert attendance


What About Your Business?

What are the most important “big picture” and “underlying” metrics for your business?

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